Precision is our principle.

Whether man, machine, material or processes: Paoluzzo AG is committed to value creation according to customer specifications in every respect. What this means for us is:

  • the highest quality
  • outstanding value for money
  • guaranteed deadlines
  • complete solutions


Materials we process include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, titanium, various special alloys, cast iron as well as the plastics PEEK and POM.

From the manufacture of a prototype through to serial production, we plan and manufacture custom-built complex mechanical products. Our specialists control the operations necessary for this efficiently and completely with the help of the latest software.

We offer efficient production and short lead times in the four separate production steps of milling, turning, grinding and electrical discharge machining. Both production and quality control take place in air-conditioned rooms.

To offer a greater vertical integration and additional services, we team up with qualified partners to offer you one-stop complete solutions.