Corporate Charter

1. We follow a common vision and strategy, and common goals.
Our behaviour and work are the result of there. We place corporate interests over individual interests.

2. We are open to change. Changes belong to our daily business.
We are ready to deal with them in a constructive manner, and reorient our ways of doing if need be.

3. We have high quality standards.
We strive for a first class quality in our services and products. Our customers’satisfaction -in harmony with the corporate objectives- is our highest concern. We bind our business partners to the same principle.

4. We care a respectful relation.
We respect everyone’s personality and integrity. We are against discrimination of any form.

5. Collaboration is one of our strengths.
We support and advise each other. We are ready to give and get feedback (compliments AND constructive criticism). We deal with conflicts in a constructive way. In case of need, we search for support.

6. We learn from our mistakes.
Fault free work is our target. Mistakes can happen though- we are entitled to them respectively we learn from them. Mistakes are part of our continuous improvement process (analysis and measures).

7. Mutual trust is the base of our collaboration.
We rely on the individual responsibility of each one, in the limit of the function and capacity. We act loyal to the company and the colleagues.